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Consular Assistance for a passport application at the Consulat in Boston.

The consular department of the consulate of your homecountry in Boston offers consular assistance to it's citizens who need to apply for a new passport or emergency travel document. When the consulate is unable to assist you with you passport application they will redirect you to the embassy of your homecountry in Washington.

Only the consulate or the embassy of your homecountry in Boston can assist you with your passport application while your are in Boston.

You can get a passport application form at the consular department of the consulate of your homecountry. They are also able to inform you about the process on how to submit your passport or emergency travel document application in Boston or Washington.

You can renew your passport by filling an application form at the consular office of your consulate in Boston or the embassy in Washington. When there is no consulate of your homecountry located in Boston you can contact a consulate of your homecountry in a nearby state or contact the embassy in Washington either by e-mail or telephone.

In many cases you need an appointment at the consulate for services like a passport application. It is therefore important that you contact the consulate before a visit.

Foreigners in Boston can apply for a new passport at the consulate or embassy of their homecountry.

The national government of your homecountry issues you passport.

Your passport confirmes your nationality as a holder and certifies your identity for the purpose of international travel and/or identification in your homecountry. In your passport you will find information about your nationality, birth date, name, family name, gender, place of birth and identity number(s).

Your passport as an internationally recognised travel document but does not give you automatic permission to enter other countries.

Most common types of passports that you can apply for at your Embassy

- Ordinary passport
This passport is issued to the citizens of the country or to other nationals that by law are entitled to a passport of said country. The ordinary passport, sometimes called a “tourist passport” or “regular passport” is the type of passport that is the most-issued worldwide.

- Family Passport
When your children can be registered within your ordinary passport your passport renders its functionality as a family passport. In certain counytries it is possible to obtain a family passport.

- Official passport
For employees of the government in relation to work-related travel.

- Diplomatic passport
When you are a diplomat or another type of government officials and you need to travel internationally for work-related matters you will be issued a diplomatic passport. In the case that you are accompanied during your travel by dependants than they are often also issued a diplomatic passport.

- Emergency passport (temporary passport)
When you find yourself in a situation of a stolen or lost passport and not enough time to obtain a replacement passport your embassy will issue you a temporary emergency passport. In such a situation you can still travel back to your homecountry.

Immigration and passports

Immigration officials often stamp exit and entry stamps in your passport. Such stamps can serve different purposes according to the laws of the country you are traveling through.

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